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Proper Attire for Club Eros

The dress code will be strictly enforced and we advise everyone to get familiar with it prior to your visit of the club.  Our staff has the discretion to make determination on what outfit is deemed inappropriate. Much of that determination is based on the presentation of the outfit, if you dress sexy, but classy, then you are good. 

Theme events – We regularly have special themed events, like our Back to School Party, those nights we encourage our guests to have fun with their outfits and forget about the regular dress code rules.

We recognize that sometimes our new guests and members are unfamiliar with the dress code, and we acknowledge that sometimes an exception to the rules can be made. That exception is made at the discretion of our staff. Please be respectful to our staff no matter what their decision is. We try to accommodate everyone in the best way possible.

We strongly believe that our dress code requirement increases the overall experience of our club and allows our guests to enjoy themselves at a higher level.

SUMMER Dress Code Update:  Over the summer, we are relaxing the dress code to allow men's dressy shorts. We recognize that much warmer temperatures make long pants a less comfortable choice and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our club.  


Club Eros Knoxville is an upscale nightclub providing you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.  Sexy, Sassy, Flirty are all encouraged.  Skirts, Slacks, Lingerie, thigh high boots, corsets ans stilettos all make great options. 
Whatever makes you feel sexy and playful!

People familiar with the lifestyle tend to be a bit more provocative and risqué so you are encouraged to push your wild side.


   • NO T-Shirts
   • NO Loose Fitting or Baggy Jeans
   • NO Shorts
   • NO Sunglasses
   • NO Sandals
   • NO Tank Tops or Wife Beaters Shirts
   • NO Cargo Pants
   • NO Jogging Pants or Sweat Pants
and unless the theme dictates
    • NO Hats (fedoras and stylish head wear can be an exception at the discretion of management)
    • NO Sports Attire (Sweats, Jerseys or Athletic Wear)

 As part of our effort to continually improve Eros and make it the very best lifestyle
club experience in Knoxville, TN for you we would like to hear your thoughts and ideas.
Every serious idea will be considered. Take a moment and share your ideas with us.
 Make a Wish!